Youth Opportunity Foundation

Miracles Can Happen. Help Us Create Them.

We see potential in these troubled teens, not hopelessness. We are dedicated to filling the gaps in treatment and education programs across the country. We are committed to continuous improvement in treatments and to finding effective new methods of rehabilitation. We are inspired by our results and driven to help more children find their way back to being productive members of society.

Your donations provide tangible help to children who are victims of the unthinkable: abuse and neglect, emotional and mental trauma, sexual deviance, violence and human trafficking. Help us engineer a social compact, a broad and responsive outreach program that reaches these disenfranchised and too often forgotten young people, and makes a profound and lasting difference.

If you have a tendency toward philanthropy, there are many worthy causes. We hope you agree that none are more worthy to society-at-large, or more personally gratifying than helping these young people find their way. Your donations will have an immediate impact.

There are many ways you can join us and help the young people in America who need help the most. Please contact us to donate, or with any questions or partnership ideas.

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Be a Founding Partner

Contact us to help initiate new treatments, form new partnerships, create new programs, or sponsor fundraising events.
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Recurring Giving

Set up monthly or annual giving
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Planned Giving

Through estate and financial planning
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Directed Gifts

Fund a specific YOF program
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Memorial or Tribute Gifts

In memory or honor of a family member, friend or associate
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Matching Gifts

In partnership with your employer or your employees
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Sponsors or Host an Event

As a host, major sponsor or participant of our local galas, golf tournaments and other events. When local events are hosted, net proceeds are designated to fund local programs, benefitting that community directly.
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Shopping Gifts

Support Youth Opportunity Foundation every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your eligible purchases will be donated to YOF.  About Amazon Smile