A Pathway to Success Scholarship Program

The percentage of Indianapolis children living in poverty has ballooned from 9% in 1970 to over 14% when last measured in 2015. Intergenerational poverty is robbing Indianapolis children of a brighter future! Less than 40% of economically disadvantaged children will ever complete post-secondary education or training and those without will face an unemployment rate of 30+%.

Youth Opportunity Foundation, in partnership with Elevate Indianapolis, is addressing the issue of intergenerational poverty through mentorship, education and career development. In concert with ElevateIndy’s leadership development cohort model, currently active in five IPS schools, the program will offer post-secondary scholarships for coursework of vocational training and career networking on a Pathway to Success.

ElevateIndy’s motto is “no one gets there alone!”, please join us in supporting and promoting this collaborative effort for our most vulnerable youth! Help us complete the investment!

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The Megan Ward Scholarship Program

It is estimated that 300,000 US youth become enslaved in the human trafficking industry on an annual basis. Megan Ward’s adolescent years were shaped by abandonment, abuse, drugs and sexual slavery, her future in doubt.

Megan is a survivor, having overcome unimaginable obstacles in her journey from the destructive and dangerous impact of trafficking, to attending college and helping others avoid the same mistakes. Recently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, Megan plans to help other women through mental health and substance abuse counseling once she has completed her college degree.

Youth Opportunity Foundation, in partnership with Hope Center Indy, has created a scholarship program for survivors of sex trafficking. We have commissioned this scholarship program in honor of Megan’s bravery and determination. Megan is an extraordinary example of what one survivor can do when given the opportunity, and resources, to change their own life and opportunity for a successful future.

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A Second Chance Scholarship Program

The FBI reports that in excess of 2 million US adolescents are arrested each year. Once involved in the justice system 60% will recidivate. Without proper education, options and guidance these post-adjudicated youth are subjected to a life of poverty and incarceration.

Youth Opportunity Foundation (YOF) is dedicated to helping justice-involved teens become successful adults. YOF recognizes that education is a crucial catalyst in this transition; if structured opportunities for learning and productive options to employ this learning are provided, change will follow.

Youth Opportunity Foundation (YOF), partnered with Upper Iowa University, has created the Second Chance Scholarship Program for qualifying students involved in the juvenile justice system. This scholarship program will provides opportunities for youth, who would otherwise have less than a five percent chance of obtaining post-secondary instruction.

An investment in our youth is an investment in the future of our communities!

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There are many ways you can join us and help the youth in America who need help the most.