Youth Opportunity Foundation

...With A Brand New Ending

They are the forgotten children of poverty, neglect and abuse, born into a hostile reality that is unimaginable to most of us. They are trapped by lack of education, surrounded with crime. They are demoralized by emotional and mental trauma, victimized by sexual deviance, violence and human trafficking. Or they are the distressed young people from good homes who have lost their way because of psychological anguish, addiction or unwise decisions.

Youth Opportunity Foundation is dedicated to the truth: The fate of these children is not cast at birth, nor dictated by mistakes. All children deserve a chance, a right to security and safety. Adolescent mental health, addiction, victimization, and behavioral challenges should not be life sentences. Through innovative therapies, advocacy, education and workforce development, we can break this tragic cycle of lives lost before they start.

We are writing new endings to the same old story, endings that ripple through communities as children break free of their prisons of hopelessness to become ambassadors of independence, emissaries for the rewards of work, and representatives of the possibilities for all. Dramatic change is possible through the transformative power of individual resolve and personal accountability. Their journey begins with treatment and opportunity.

We Provide Opportunity

Youth Opportunity Foundation provides grants, develops partnerships, and commissions applied research to turn at-risk young people into productive adults. Troubled children deserve the opportunity to overcome the debilitating distress preventing them from reaching their potential, whether that distress is the result of trauma, abuse, mental illness, emotional disorder, or behavioral dysfunction.


We Create Second Chances

What if you were judged your whole life for a mistake you made as a teenager? Would your life be different if you were neglected or abused as a child? Can you imagine being so emotionally broken that you are incapable of functioning - because you were an innocent victim of a horrifying crime? We are dedicated to giving these traumatized and victimized young people a second chance.


Philanthropy and Partnerships in Action These are a few of many initiatives to be enhanced through your donations.

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How We Help We provide advocacy, clinical treatment, education and workforce development for at-risk young people.

Opportunity Means Connection. Connection Means Community.